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G.GLENTOS SA is a company at Thessaloniki operating since 1997 in the field of design and construction of prefabricated metal cabins for professional and private use. Our constructions are of impressive aesthetics, have unmatched durability and ergonomic design and are already used in many application areas.

The possibility of relying on the fewest points in their bearing on their territory does belong to the RTC category which means Rough Terrain Cabins. This property is due to the static design of the skeleton.

The multifaced subject of applications in which it operates and the specific know-how and investment in technologically advanced solutions, makes G.GLENTOS SA a specialized company in manufacturing prefabricated metal cabins for uses such as offices, classrooms, photovoltaic parks and sentries either non bulletproof or bulletproof etc.

The headquarters are located in the center of Thessaloniki, while the factory and the offices are now located in Sindos Thessaloniki. G.GLENTOS SA is registered in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Chamber of Small and Medium Industries, as well as the Association of Exporters of Northern Greece [S.E.V.E.]. Also holds code of NATO manufacturer [NCAGE CODE-G1954] and our products are registered in the Industrial Property Organization [OBI] in terms of Greece and the Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market [OHIM] for rest of the world.

Finally, we have all the necessary certifications from recognized agencies for our products and materials we use (CE, ISO, Hellenic Defence Systems S.A. (ΕΒΟ-PYRKAL) or EAS s.a etc.) and we also have the required certifications of all our partners-suppliers, to ensure to the maximum that the final result of our products will be worthy of our efforts, of the market's needs and of the confidence that every customer shows us.
Prefabricated Cabins KIBO G.GLENTOS SA
Factory & Exhibition: 9th km Thessaloniki - Katerini PC 57400, PO Box 106 Thessaloniki – Sindos
Phone: +302310796755
Fax: +302310723462